International Conference on Genitourinary & Gynecological Cancers
Kuwait Conference (GUG-KC)
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14 – 16 April 2018, 

Marina Hotel, Kuwait
Submission of ABSTRACT / POSTERS
DEADLINE 15 March 2018
We recommend you to send your Abstract or Poster to our conference email:  [email protected] .

Submission of Research Papers and Abstract:
  Original research abstracts must use the following format:
  • Introduction & Objectives
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
Case reports must use the following format:
  • Background
  • Case Summary
  • Conclusions
The body of the abstract is limited to 2000 characters including spaces. An abstract that exceeds this limit will be returned to the author.
Abstract must not include any tables/figures.
The abstracts are printed as received. It is author’s responsibility to follow the prescribed format and check the abstracts for accuracy and correct grammar and spelling. Poorly written abstracts will be rejected.
Abstract must be submitted to conference email [email protected]

Submission of Poster:  
Click GUIDELINES to be observed when submitting Poster:
Poster Size:
  • Original Research: Display board will be – 115cm (usable width), 135cm (usable height).
  • Case Reports: Display board will be – 170cm (usable width), 120cm (usable height).
The Poster number will be marked on the board allocated to you. The ID tag of the presenting author will be provided at the Registration desk.
Poster Presentation:
Poster Presentation should:
  • Let your audience see your main points in less than a minute.
  • Be readable from a distance of 1-2 meters (use a font size of at least 24 or 30 point).
  • Use lower case rather than capitals because blocks of text in capitals are harder to read.
  • Use no more than three different colors (also some colors are harder to read at distance).
  • Avoid using three dimensional graphics because they are harder to read at a distance.
  • Avoiding putting too much material and text on the Poster.
In all cases, the Poster should contain the following materials:
  • Header (Title and author names & addresses).
  • Introduction.
  • Methods.
  • Results (Including statistics) preferably as graphs, figures or tables.
  • Key References (If applicable).
  • Acknowledgements (If applicable).

  • DUBAI FLIGHT TICKET  - 1st Winner of the first selected Abstract/Poster.

  • Abstracts will be selected by Conference Scientific Committee.
  • Committee will choose only one Abstract/Poster to declare winner depending on contents in paper.
  • Reward will goes to first Author, If Abstract included more than one author.
  • We recommend you to send most effective and interested topics.

  • Abstract submission deadline: 15 March 2018.
  • When the same name appears as first author on 2 abstracts, then that person must ensure that someone from the group is by the poster during the designated time for poster viewing.
  • Where relevant submitted work should have appropriate ethical approval from MOH/KU or other regulatory bodies.
  • Judges will not consider late posters.
  • You should submit the exact copy of the presented poster in order to avoid exemption.